There are more than thousands products coming under the purview of CAPEXIL. These products are grouped into several Panels.
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Promotional Activities
Promotional Activities:
CAPEXIL in its continuous endeavor to promote the business activities of its members, undertake the following activities throughout the year:

● Participates in general and product specific international trade fairs

● Organizes Buyer Seller Meets and Trade Delegations abroad

● Organizes buyer contact programmes in India popularly termed as Reverse buyer Seller Meets

● Awareness Programmes, Seminars and other activities in India to build awareness and to boost entrepreneurs in the area of exports

● Acts as a forum for representation of the trade related issues and acts as a liaison between the exporting community and the government, policy planners, quasi government organizations

● Liaisons with Indian Diplomatic Missions abroad and Foreign Diplomatic Missions in India for promotion of business events and other activities

● Facilitates short term training courses on International Marketing  


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